30 DMC: Day 8

Day 8 – Favourite album cover

I couldn’t decide just one favourite so I made a collage of nine album covers which all are beautiful in their own way. There would have been so many other options, too, but in order to get this post done, I had to make some decisions. So, here they are:


  1. HIM – Uneasy Listening Vol.1… (Picture)
  2. & Uneasy Listening Vol.2. I like the drawing style and use of one color. (Picture)
  3. Apocalyptica – Cult. Creepy and cool at the same time. (Picture) Also from Apocalyptica love the cover of Worlds Collide, for cover picture check post from Day 5. A cello and a skull resemble a lot of each other. 
  4. Led Zeppelin – IV. This picture could tell a story. (Picture)
  5. Amorphis – Silent Waters. A hint of red in the middle of the grey landscape. Beautiful. (Picture)
  6. Alcest – Les voyages de l’âme. This is just breathtaking. (Picture)
  7. Rammstein – Rosenrot. Impressive. (Picture)
  8. White Lies – Big TV. Love the painted look. (Picture)
  9. Stone Sour – Audio Secrecy. Interesting elements. (Picture)

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