30 DMC: Day 30

Day 30 – Choose an album, any album! It’s your last day! Congratulations if you got this far!

I made it through! It feels like this month has been lasting forever, but now it’s finally the last day of the 30 Day Music Challenge! Have to say that as much as I love music, writing about it every day isn’t so easy after all. However, it has been interesting to pay more attention to what kind of music I do listen. And the scale is broader than I thought. But I’m happy that I’m able to concentrate on writing about other things for a while now.

Instead of naming some single album, I wanted to list some of my all time favourite songs. Nowadays it’s not the music genre that matters, it’s the feeling I get from the music. And, I couldn’t live without it.

  • The 69 Eyes – Wasting the Dawn
  • Lana del Rey – Young and Beautiful
  • Reckless Love – Night on Fire
  • Sólstafir – Fjara
  • The National – I Should Live in Salt
  • VNV Nation – Illusion
  • Type O Negative – Pyretta Blaze
  • Hurts – Devotion
  • Moonspell – Everything Invaded
  • Sisters of Mercy – When You Don’t See Me
  • Led Zeppelin – D’yer Mak’er
  • Coheed and Cambria – Feathers
  • Iron Maiden – The Evil That Men Do
  • The Hellacopters – Darling Darling
  • Ramones – Poison Heart
  • Harmaja – Kaunis, koskematon
  • Raised Fist – My Last Day
  • CMX – Taivaanääreläiset
  • Social Distortion – Reach For The Sky

OK, now I have to stop, otherwise this list just goes on and on… But you’ll find the playlist also on Spotify named as Pauline’s Favourites.



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